The Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge
The Leadership Challenge

During our SAFe Leadership module this past weekend in Minneapolis, we talked about the Leadership Challenge within the agile transformation. We talked about 5 important practices that leaders can exhibit that can contribute to highly successful lean-agile leadership.  

These 5 practices were taken from the book The Leadership Challenge, by Kouzes and Posner.  The book describes 5 practices based off of a survey receiving over 2 million responses from industry practitioners on what practices contribute to highly successful leaders. Wait a minute!!  A 2 million sample size of industry practitioners reporting on what they feel contributes to successful leadership?!?!   That’s right, 2 million.  Those are pretty powerful numbers, so the results make complete sense. Here are the 5 practices:

1. Model they way  

  • Lead by example.  Be the example of what lean-agile leadership looks like
  • Do what you say you will do.  Exemplify the engagement that you want to see in your organization

2. Vision

  • Articulate a clear vision that is in sync with the aspirations of those in the organization
  • Communicate this vision over and over again

3. Challenge the process

  • Experiment and take risks with the existing process
  • Search for new opportunities by taking initiative and innovating

4. Empower action

  • Strengthen others by increasing self-determination, leadership abilities and developing competence

5. Encourage the Heart

  • Recognize the contributions of others showing appreciation
  • Celebrate the values and victories and create a spirit of community

As Lean-agile leaders, which one of these five do you think is most neglected and why?

Let me know your thoughts……