JIRA Services

Get the Experts Guidance for Optimal Tooling Selection and Implementation!

I4 GROUP has been helping organizations evaluate and select Agile Life-Cycle Management tooling, and we have been helping companies expand to SAFe, Agile at scale, and DevSecOps implementation. We have experts with deep experience in each of today’s major tooling solutions, so we can give you expert advice on what to pick, run product evaluations and comparisons, or work with your team to optimize the configuration of the tools you already have.


We are delighted to present you with the complete suite of Atlassian products, along with a vast array of applications that can significantly enhance the utilization of these powerful tools. Our team comprises highly skilled experts who specialize in Atlassian consulting services, enabling your organization to undergo a seamless and effective agile transformation. With an average of 15 years of experience in agile transformation, our Certified Atlassian Professionals possess the expertise to address various functional and operational challenges specific to your industry. By thoroughly understanding your technical and business requirements, our experts will design a meticulous, process-driven Atlassian solution plan tailored to your organization’s needs.