Lean-Agile Sales and Marketing

Lean-Agile Sales and Marketing

Accelerating successful closure on sales opportunities is the goal of any sales manager.  This is achievable when we know the right levers to pull to make this a reality.  It is not always more phone calls, more emails or more paid advertisements that make this happen.  Throwing money or effort at the problem is not the solution.  It is that old adage, work smarter not harder.  It is aligning on the things we should be doing and should not be doing that optimizes our approach.  Lean-Sales and marketing is just that.  It is about learning how we can lean out our sales and marketing activities to be hyper-focused on value added activities for flow.  Many organizations invest heavily in marketing campaigns, but this causes too much overhead and may not yield a profitable return on investment. A focus on identifying your customers needs and aligning your sales and marketing to those needs is key to an agile marketing mindset.


The i4 Group can help you lean-out your sales and marketing process. By identifying your unique sales proposition, eliciting constant feedback from customers, following the data, and applying the correct technologies to target trends in the market, companies can now deliver faster and more consistent value to the customers, while reducing the risks of traditional sales and marketing. The model relies on realistic short term goals, flexibility, iteration of processes, data tracking, and continuous improvement. Allow The i4 Group to help you leverage your data, create motivated self-organizing teams, and deliver value to meet your sales goals.

Agile Manifesto Principles

The i4 Group is guided by Agile Manifesto Principles:

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