Lean-Agile Transformation

Lean-Agile Transformation

The i4 Group helps businesses accelerate value delivery using lean agile methods in all areas of the organization using Lean Agile principles. These principles are designed to enable businesses to continuously deliver high quality products and services with faster time to market. 

Lean Agile Transformation is targeted at enabling the organization to gradually adopt the Lean-Agile mindset. Over time, the organization shifts its value system around how work gets done to: prioritizing individuals over processes, working software / systems over documentation, customer collaboration over contract negotiation, and responding to change over following plans.

Create culture, establish flow, deliver value, and equip leadership with the right tools.

With over 50 corporate engagements since 2012, The i4 Group transformed organizations using Lean and Agile methodologies from mid-size businesses to large Fortune 500 companies. Our Lean-Agile services have helped companies transform to Lean Agile delivery in the areas of: software development, infrastructure, security, UI/UX, Hardware/Mechanical, electronics, marketing, HR and finance.  The i4 Group has helped enable Lean Agile transformation with companies from several different industries such as: Government, Defense, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare analytics, Insurance, Banking, Telecommunications, Retail, Electronics and Aerospace.  The i4 Group engages with the organization through strategic consulting and coaching from leadership to delivery team members.  Also, standard and custom training plans for role specific needs created to be flexible, collaborative and adaptive for quickly changing environments.

Agile Manifesto Principles

The i4 Group is guided by Agile Manifesto Principles:

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