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UNT Agile Roles Research Study

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The University of North Texas graduate school of Information Science is conducting a research project on the effectiveness of Scrum Masters and Release Train Engineers.  Take part in a study by the University of North Texas School of Information Science by participating in a brief, anonymous survey and get early access to the results! The Scrum Master survey is applicable to anyone who works on or with an agile project. The Release Train Engineer survey is applicable to anyone who works on or with a SAFe program.  Click on the links below to complete the surveys and share them with other Agile professionals.

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Sustainable Product Development Research Study

Today’s companies in this highly competitive digital age are at considerable business risk due to an unsustainable approach to product development. Origins of this unsustainability come from various places within the organization, such as business cultural environment, organizational processes maturity, technical and business aptitude. Better understanding these origins of unsustainability and the level of impact each can have on the organization is critical to helping create a more sustainable product development approach.

The University of North Texas information sciences department with principal investigator Will Senn, and student researchers Charles Maddox and Shakeel Muhammad are initiating a research project on Sustainable product development.  This research project entails investigating how business and cultural environment, organizational process maturity and technical and business aptitude play a role in creating sustainability in product development.The research will be conducted via interviews with key stakeholders as well as data analysis on product development artifacts and project management data.  The results of the study will be kept anonymous as per UNT’s research policies.  But the specific company data can be made available for the company’s being researched to analyze and create action items to improve their companies sustainability.  Also, it can be beneficial for the company to see how their sustainability factors compare to an industry benchmark.

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