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DEEP Learning And Cybersecurity

The brain – a mere 3 pounds/1.4 kilos – is the result of eons of evolution, delivering the ability to analyze complex situations and data within less than 150 milliseconds. The processing infrastructure of the brain, the neural network, consists of at least a hundred billion neurons receiving, processing, and transmitting information via electrical and chemical signals to other neurons via synapse pathways.
DEEP Learning And Cybersecurity

Failures of the Current Approach to Cybersecurity

Every organization has the basics of cybersecurity protection – antivirus
software, firewalls, etc. Time and time again, these are proven inadequate
against the sophistication and complexity of attacks, like file-less attacks,
zero-day attacks, and attacks that don’t follow the predefined, “expected”
formula of malicious activities.

For the past several years, organizations have discovered that their
prevention was far too porous, forcing them to shift their focus to
an “assumed breach” approach, where the imperative is to hunt after
the attack after it’s penetrated the perimeter.

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