DevOps Transformation Consulting

Development and Operations(DevOps)

Dev+Ops working hand in hand and aligned together bringing faster value to customers. Security teams are now an integral part of the development process as well as understanding vulnerabilities in the production environment. DevSecOps transformation creates a culture of reliability, scalability, and sustainability. Lean-Agile practices with a DevSecOps focus can create a culture of security through flexible collaboration between security teams, development, and operations.

As the world transitioned to remote work, the software development organizations that have embraced the ways of DevOps and moved towards a Cloud Native approach are able to digitally scale faster than other organizations. Organizational change to improve value flow is the goal. To do this, DevOps seeks to eliminate silos, create better visibility and measures, identify opportunities for automation, and improve collaboration in an effort to better deliver value to customers.

DevSecOps enables companies to continuously deploy value, while scaling the security needed to reduce risk. The i4 Group will enable your team to leverage DevOps concepts, as well as build the mindset that security is everyone’s responsibility. We have extensive experience in building seamless, remote development processes for global companies with decentralized operations.

Now is the time to ensure that your practices and tools are up to date.

Meet our DevOps Readiness Assessment for remote software development

Structure of the assessment (1-2 weeks):

Benefits of our approach

Future-proof your business by embracing DevOps methodology and increasing your resilience by rising on the Cloud Native ladder.

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