Agility In HR

Agility In HR Certification

This certification is part of a specialized journey within the Business Agility track and is aimed at people who are in what organizations traditionally call the Human Resources (HR) domain. They are part of an organization aiming to adopt Agile thinking and practices, irrespective of their industry. Participants will come away with the knowledge necessary to tackle new ways of thinking and working equipped with people engagement practices that are more humanistic and values based.

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Target Audience

The target audience for this certification includes people working within HR organizations in companies transforming to more Agile ways of working. Their current responsibilities may include aspects such as people development, recruitment, performance management, compensation, and employee engagement/motivation. Organizational development consultants, hiring managers and Agile transformation leads exploring the people and structural aspects of transformations will also find this curriculum compelling.

Learning Outcomes

The Agile Mindset in HR 

The Agile Mindset in HR 

Organization Design, Roles, Career Paths

Performance, Goals & Motivation, Promotions

Talent – Acquisition, Retention, Nurturing

Incentive Structures (includes rewards, salaries & pay structures, and other things)

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