Gain visibility and control of your cloud apps

Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker and Email Protection

Cloud App Security

Cloud security starts with safeguarding IT-approved apps that contain your most valuable data. These include Microsoft 365, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Salesforce, Box and others. The Proofpoint integrated, people-centric approach correlates threats and applies consistent data loss prevention (DLP) policies across your cloud apps, email and endpoint.
Proofpoint CASB protects you from:

  • Account compromise
  • Oversharing of data
  • Misconfiguration of IaaS resources and compliance risks

Proofpoint’s agentless solution gives you people-centric visibility into threats, adaptive access controls, automated response and comprehensive data security with DLP. It also helps you govern SaaS and third-party apps and IaaS services for a stronger cloud security posture.

Email Protection

Email is the No. 1 threat vector, with 96% of suspicious social actions arriving through email. In addition to common email threats like phishing attacks and malware, emerging business email compromise (BEC) has posed a new threat to organizations. Proofpoint Email Protection catches both known and unknown threats that others miss. By processing billions of messages each day, Proofpoint sees more threats, detects them faster and better protects you against hard-to-detect malware-less threats, such as impostor email. With Email Protection, you can stop a vast majority of threats before they arrive in your user’s inbox.

Proofpoint will:

  • Catch emerging threats
  • Scale for Enterprise
  • Raise User Security Awareness
  • Track down any email in seconds
  • Centrally manage across email encryption and DLP

Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker and Email Protection

Gain Visibility and Control of Your Cloud Apps while Detecting & Blocking Both Malicious and Malware-less Email Threats

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