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"We determined that they were the right fit because Charles had a credential that only about 10 people in the world have. They’re our go-to partner because they’re very responsive in supporting us even though we’re a small company. For instance, we got into a bit of a crunch while building the team to work on our NATO requirements. We had very limited time to do it. I called Charles, and his team quickly pulled together some additional team members. The i4 Group also gives us access to business development resources that they have that we otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Their databases are their competitive edge, but they give us passwords and other information to get in. That just shows what kind of partners they are. We can’t go to all our partners and get that kind of reach. They’ve been an amazing partner. We’ve gone to conferences together and they participate with us when we’re courting potential clients. When we’re taking the lead, they graciously take the backseat and become part of our team. Since they’re smaller and boutique, they’re high touch. I never had a time where I was chasing them down for an issue I’m having."
-CEO, Management Consulting Firm
"We have a high degree of respect for Charles in particular — he was able to massage the data and make some concrete recommendations out of it. Overall, we’re quite satisfied with the results of the bigger challenge. The depth and breadth of their knowledge on SAFe execution were very impressive. As consultants, they had a practical understanding of where theory meets practice. We were using Jira, and they had the knowledge of the tools and systems as well as their application in a real-world scenario. There were still an awful lot of areas that were in the maturation process, so whenever we hit a problem, they knew how to handle it."
-Worldwide Business Manager, Multinational IT Company
"The implementing SAFe class that Charles gave was phenomenal. It was something that helped us to understand how SAFe works and how to implement it in our business. I felt like I gained a better understanding of how I could be a change agent in my company, and help others how to use SAFe."
"For me, one of the key things, waking away from it is the systematic approach that is laid out for implementing SAFe road-map. For me, coming from a larger organization it is key to be able to look at the details. So, I found it very helpful."
Todd has “high energy, made difficult concepts easier to understand, real world experience, effective.”
-SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager Training Attendee
“Todd's knowledge of the material was outstanding.”
-SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager Training Attendee
“Todd was practical, informative and very engaging. I feel he is rightfully highly recommended!”
-SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager Training Attendee
Hamid was “very engaging, considerate, a gentleman, clear, concise and great in providing examples and clarifications.”
-SAFe for Teams Training Attendee
Hamid “was not only knowledgeable about the topic but he had practical experience from seeing other organizations implement SAFe.”
-SAFe Scrum Master Training Attendee
“Charles has an immense amount of knowledge and real life examples to help strengthen understanding of the core areas, as well as in areas that aren't heavily touched on. It was great to hear his experience tie directly in with some of the content that was taught to us. That made it easier to understand the concept he was talking to. When someone would ask about a real scenario and how a SAFe method could apply, he was quick to answer and able to provide information on how a value or practice could be applied to that situation.”
Leading SAFe Training Attendee
Charles “is a great speaker and very enthusiastic, making it easier to sit and listen and absorb the information. He was interactive with the class, asking questions, and how we might apply something to our current role.”
-Leading SAFe Training Attendee
"I liked that it debunked myths and answered a lot of questions for me. I appreciated the candid perspective of Dwayne and felt like he would do wonders in front of our executive team. I really liked the pitch that Deming provided and plan to use a similar approach with our C-Suite soon."
"I liked most the engaging way the instructors conducted themselves, and the interaction with fellow class members."
"Well paced, thorough, lively/seasoned/knowledgeable teacher."
"The class was very engaging and the trainers were very knowledgeable and had the right personality to engage everyone. They also took the time to address everyone’s questions."
"The class material is presented in a coherent way which is easy to understand and consume. The instructors clearly have deep knowledge of SAFe and the class material and explain it well. The most value they bring is their actual experience and being able to provide practical examples to how to utilize SAFe."
"The instructor is knowledgeable and the content is interesting. There are video examples periodically sprinkled in which help put the lessons in context."
"The instructor was tier 1. He was well versed, engaging and did an excellent job at getting the attendees excited and eager to implement our learnings."
There was "diversity of attendees and the teacher has strong experience."
"The PI Planning simulation provides hands-on learning that no amount of lecture possibly could. Now I understand what is required to successfully integrate and plan across many agile teams."
"The instructor, Emilio, was very knowledgeable. He made the content relate-able, and that helped me understand the material."
"Both Charles and Chip were engaging instructors who presented the material well and kept the class interesting."
"I liked being able to relay the theory to practical knowledge."
"The hands on activities helped put concepts into practice"
"I really enjoyed learning about how to identify value streams that applied directly to the day to day challenges that I work on for my client."
"The best thing about the class was the frequent breakout activities that provided ample opportunity to reinforce learnings, gain additional insights from the instructor, and get further acquainted with fellow attendees."
"Great class, experienced instructor provided quite a bit of value in my opinion."
"The course content was relevant and up-to-date. It addressed many of the issues and questions we experienced in our daily work life. I learned more than I expected to and will be able to help guide scrum masters in our group."
"The class was very rich in content - not for the faint of heart. The instructor was well-versed and brought real-world experience into the classroom. This course wasn't just about theory: it was very practical. The exercises were relevant and frequent. Overall an excellent course."
"Training went excellent and it gave me confidence on the role of scrum master. It is really going to help me in my current project and also in future assignments."
"It was exciting to be among thinkers and change agents while learning tools and thought processes to overcome the most apparent impediments in organizations, vis-a-vis org culture and leadership."
"Charles Maddox was very invested in seeing us succeed. He made himself available to questions even after the class. He was knowledgeable on the subject matter and explained the concepts in various ways so that we could understand."
"Great conversations from individual change agents across many industries!"
"I liked the focus on the Program Manager/Product Owner roles in Scaled Agile but also liked the fact that all areas of the Agile program - from portfolio management to release trains were covered so the role had good context. The instructor was knowledgeable on all Agile subjects and was able to answer a number of other questions our group raised about Agile. Very informative and enjoyable workshop."
"The practice test , modules and lecture were great aids in helping me to understand the course materials. The instructor was very well versed in the subject matter."
"Aasim is a great instructor and is able to keep the team engaged. The team really enjoyed the team exercise where they passed around tennis balls. It helped them work better as a team and they carried the learning to their every day activities."
"We wanted to lead our business in an agile way, and we wanted to make decisions and implementations using that agile framework. We wanted to get certified and get instructions from someone that has successfully done it for a while, and that’s where I came in with The i4 Group. Having that certification has already added to my credibility. It helped me land a couple of deals because it shows our investment in development. The agile framework is so popular among many organizations, including Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, it has pulled me into larger organizations. I’m now on a strategic advisory board for HDI, a national board association, so I think it’s added to both my personal and business credentials. What I appreciated from them, is that they were able to adapt to the individual needs of the group without slowing the class for everybody. Not everybody is going to have the same learning style, and they were really adaptive. The assistance that they had was able to address everyone’s needs and keep the class on the same pace, despite being on different levels — which is not an easy thing to do."
-Stephen Paskel, CMIT Services of Biltmore