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Agile Coaching

The biggest hurdle with agile transformation initiative is being able to achieve lasting change. Consultants are often brought in to provide expertise in certain areas, but when they leave the expertise goes with them. The goal is to help your organization change in a way that allows the expertise we bring to your organization stays at your organization. This only can occur when the knowledge transfer truly enables your organization to be self-sufficient and independent.

An additional challenge with any organizational change initiative is know how well the organization is progressing towards its goals. Setting specific targets and milestones and then measuring performance from day one, assures that the path to change is on the right track.

Developing internal support for knowledge growth

To sustain the organizational change effort long term, it requires that the organization to invests in its people. This is necessary in order to spread the knowledge and capability to grow and support the new practices. To be precise, it requires a focused effort on empowering an internal community within the company that will sustain change for the long haul. Coaching of individuals and teams is vital to the success of such change programs – but the real key to sustainable change is for you to own the change from the beginning – which means developing your own in-house coaching capability.