Agile Software Design

Agile Software Design

The ICP-ASD is one of two knowledge-based certifications on the Agile Engineering track. This certification focuses on technical design with an emphasis on simplicity and architecting for a low cost of change.

The course emphasizes design patterns and teaches developers how to do the right level of design at the right time within the development cycle. Students will also spend considerable time exploring the value of a system that is test-driven, or uses a “test-first” approach. An important part of this certification is to develop not only an understanding of the technical aspects of agile engineering and continuous delivery tools, but also approaches for structuring work in a more agile manner to respond to customer goals and lower technical risk. A goal of this certification is for students to become well versed in
effective approaches to agile software design and engineering, with an emphasis on building in quality and lowering the cost of change.

By the end of the course you will be able to understand:
• The values, principles and philosophy behind Agile design
and architecture
• How to apply enterprise architecture principles in an Agile
• How to perform Agile modeling and Agile domain modeling
• Agile solution design and application design
• How to provide technical leadership through all the Agile
project phases

Target Audience

This certification will be most relevant for Software
developers with a passion for collaboration and software
quality along with a desire to learn and practice agile
techniques. Relevant roles include:
           •Software Developers
          • System Designers
          • Technical Architects Development Managers
          • Technical Team Leads
          • Team members involved in technical design and development.

Lesson Details

  • What is Agile
  • What is Architecture
  • The values and principles of Agile architecture
  • Components of Technical Leadership
  • Software and solution architecture in an Agile context:
    -Defining values and goals
    -Phases of an Agile Project
    -Best architecture practices
    -Technical debt
    -Patterns and Anti-patterns

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