Data Analytics with Python

Data Analytics with Python Course

A 20-hour remote data analytics with python course. Designed for beginner to intermediate level participants.

Data analysis is key to the success of almost every company and every sector of the economy. With more available every day, the capacity to collect, store, analyze, interpret, and communicate this data effectively is critical to the performance of any organization. Used to inform strategy, improve quality, reach audiences, manage operations, and track finances, data analytics is a core competency in the workforce. In this 20-hour course sequence, you will get the skills you need to succeed in the booming information technology and analytics marketplace. Learn how to gather, prepare, and analyze data with Python – the most important and sought after programming language in the field of information technology and analytics today.


Daily Challenges Faced

As a data analytics professional, you will face many challenges throughout your working day…

Why Use Python

Python can work on very large datasets – with ease! It makes analyzing data from a few thousand rows to a few million rows very easy.

It can perform complex operations – from machine learning, to web development.

Python’s code can be saved and re-run – making processes automated and a huge time saver.

Included in the Course

  • Certificate/ badge of completion
  • Data analytics E-Book
  • GitHub Profile
  • 2 Data Analytics projects published onto GitHub
  • Mentorship and career advice

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