Implementing SAFe® 1-2-3

Implementing SAFe® 1-2-3

So, what is the 1-2-3 Strategy? It is the number one strategy for SAFe implementation success. Simply put, it is to train everyone!!! From executives to team level practitioners, everyone has to be on the same page on how the SAFe transformation affects them.

Let’s look at the 3 steps in more detail:

1) Have internal change agents get SPC training. SPC training allows for those internal coaches and change agents to get the required training on how to sustain the SAFe transformation. SPC’s are taught how to sustain SAFe through constructing a Lean-Agile leadership team, facilitate and conduct a continued training regimen, conduct assessments, form communities of practice and coaching.

2) Executive training is a must! Whoever is in a leadership position, C-suite, VP’s, Directors, Sr. Managers and the like, must attend the 2-day Leading SAFe training. This is paramount to SAFe success. SAFe is an enterprise framework. So, enterprise influencers are needed. SAFe expertise at the highest levels in the enterprise is necessary to drive the appropriate patterns of SAFe adoption.

3) Team level training is needed to baseline solid team level agile practices. Most agile team members have never taken any agile training. They have only heard about agile practices from their scrum master, who may or may not have given their team a good overview on team agile practices. Team training is necessary to set the record straight on what we should be doing to have a high performing agile team in a SAFe enterprise.

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