Having No Problems Is The Biggest Problem Of All – Taiichi Ohno

Having No Problems Is The Biggest Problem Of All – Taiichi Ohno

Dear past and present customers,

This message is to all those who have registered for an i4 class: I want to express my deepest apologies if you have had any type of negative experience with our customer service.

A couple of months ago, we had experienced a surge in customer service requests due to excessive course offerings on our website, which resulted in an overwhelming workload that our customer service team was unprepared for. This caused our customer service to become backlogged and, ultimately, our customers experienced excessive wait times in response to requests and answers to their issues with registrations, refunds and the whole nine yards. Fortunately, balance has been restored, we have standardized an ideal amount of class offerings on our site, and are now responding to all customer requests in less than 24 hours, 4 to 8 hours typical. If you have a class registration change, transfer request, cancellation, or refund request, resolution will be in place no later than 5 business days, however 1-2 business days is typical. We value all of you who have attended, or are thinking about attending our classes. Those that have attended can attest to the high level of quality training and hands on industry experience our trainers have. If you have any direct feedback you would like to give, please email me, Charles Maddox, Principal of The i4 Group at charles@thei4group.com with the subject title: Community Feedback. I extremely value your feedback and look forward to improving how we serve you valuable class experiences! Thank you for your continued support during this transition, we are excited to provide you our new, optimized customer service experience!

Charles Maddox
CEO & Principal, The i4 Group

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