C-suite Agile Leadership

C-suite Agile Leadershi

The 5th principle in the agile manifesto says: “Build projects around motivated individuals.
Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done.” This is an often overlooked principle when an organization embarks on their agile transformation journey. This is because the focus is usually on tactical process change versus what type of cultural and employee engagement change also needs to happen. 

The 5th manifesto principle speaks directly to the C-suite leadership of a transformation, which goes beyond just the tactical process change.  This is cultural change that starts from the top. There is a specific type of C-suite leadership that needs to be in place for long term success.  This is because, knowledge centered work requires three things to be embodied within the workforce; 1) the ability to have autonomy 2) a sense of purpose and 3) the ability to innovate.

All three need to be in place in order to create a motivated workforce.  Leaders are responsible for laying this foundation so that these three aspects can flourish. So, how do we know our leadership is up to the task to lay this foundation?  We need to have an objective assessment that measures our leader’s ability to encourage and nourish the growth of these three factors. One such assessment that does this is the Energy Leadership Index Assessment.  It measures how well a leader supports these three factors when under normal and under stressful conditions.  When the assessment is conducted and followed up with the Energy Leadership Development System, a leadership coaching process for long term agile leadership development is created.  This is a structured and proven way to support and develop agile leadership within the organization.  For more information on Energy Leadership Index Assessments, contact us.