How Does DevSecOps Support Digital Transformation?

DevSecOps is a collection of techniques centered on an organization’s development, operations, and security. The fundamental goal of DevSecOps is to get everyone in an organization to take security seriously. This strategy attempts to put security choices on par with development and operational decisions. 

The DevSecOps architecture includes DevSecOps technologies that allow organizations to incorporate security into apps early in the development process rather than after the process is done. DevSecOps will guarantee that security is integrated at all stages of your software delivery lifecycle, from building business-critical security services to detecting possible security threats. Continuous integration may be used to decrease compliance costs and speed up product delivery, ensuring continuous deployment.

To identify code problems sooner and create behavioral baselines necessary to secure contemporary, user-facing systems, developers must be integrated into the security loop. In addition, the chief information security officer’s job is changing to become a facilitator for the technical team. This provides chief information security officers with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to guide the organization through this transformation.

This guide will outline what DevSecOps is and why you need to incorporate it into your business operations as soon as possible.

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