DevOps Transformation

Development and Operations (DevOps); is Dev+Ops working hand in hand and aligned together bringing faster value to customers. But if this is a widely accepted definition of DevOps throughout industry, why aren’t more companies doing it? One reason is that it is hard! Often, this difficulty arises because organizations attempt to NOT implement DevOps based on the DevOps principles. Thereby, efforts to make this a transformational endeavor usually stall out with only spotty improvements. Adoption of DevOps is often limited only to technical advancements, forgetting the bigger transformational aspect that DevOps is really meant to achieve. 

Organizational change to improve value flow is the goal. To do this, DevOps seeks to eliminate silos, create better visibility and measures, identify opportunities for automation, and improve collaboration in an effort to better deliver value to customers. The i4 Group consultants can help your organization on its journey through the DevOps Transformation. The i4 Group does this by providing coaching and guidance from consultants who have been in the trenches, bringing valuable practical experience from the field with hundreds of client engagements.

DeVops Course - Thei4group

DevOps Transformations are guided by the CALMS principles:

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