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Enterprise Transformation Coach

Job Description:

The appropriate candidate will be a leader of an Agile-Lean transformation or improvement engagement. As a Leader, the candidate is expected to apply agile (SAFe) Portfolio, Produce and Program management principles effectively across the enterprise.

As a Coach, the candidate is expected to be a journeyman or master of agile-lean practices and processes and be able to mentor and lead other coaches to develop their skills in scaling Agile. The candidate must certainly demonstrate the empathy, concern for others, egolessness, practicality and patience that makes it possible to be an effective agent-of-change for individuals, teams and organizations.

As a Consultant, the candidate must have expertise in one or more roles or skillsets associated with agile-lean solution development to an extent that enables them to solve both common and unusual problems which may confront clients.

Capabilities & Responsibilities

SAFe Program Consultant – Journeyman required; Master very desirable

Must have experience working with multiple clients establishing Release Trains, mentoring Portfolio, program and product teams.

Understands how to work in a bimodal and distributed environment using SAFe.

Experienced in building and executing transformation strategies.

Scrum Coach – Journeyman Required; Master Very Desirable:

Must be able to explain, facilitate assess and improve the practices and ceremonies commonly associated with SAFe and Scrum methods, which includes essential backlog & requirements management, development and testing practices in addition to the minimum specified in the Scrum Guide.

Kanban Coach – Practitioner Required; Journeyman Very Desirable

Must be able to explain, facilitate, assess and improve the practices and ceremonies commonly associated with the Kanban method, which includes value stream analysis, backlog management, stop-the-line event management and performance tuning in addition to basic Kanban board and work-in-progress management.

Journeyman in one or more of the following disciplines – Required

Business Analyst or Product Manager

Project or Program Manager

Scrum Master

Application Developer or Architect

Tester or QA Engineer

Release Train Engineer

Instructor and/or Courseware Developer – Journeyman Desirable

Should be able to present instructional material effectively and personably, creating a stimulating and energizing experience for the student. May be about to organize and describe subject knowledge in the form of course slideware, diagrams and exercises.

If interested, please apply by filling out the form located in the second tab “Application Form” above.