DevSecOps Engineer

Contract Duration:  18 months
Place of Performance:  Norfolk, VA
The DevSecOps Engineers, will under the direction of the Contract Officer Technical Representative, develop incrementally the Implementation Platform by execution of the following tasks:
Design and Development of the Platform including:
  • Repository of Containerized Services including individual services developed in an incremental manner
  • Platform Services automated tests
  • Platform Instances configuration database
Minimum Qualifications:
  • 2 or more years demonstrable experience of Kubernetes, Docker.
  • 2 or more years demonstrable experience in CI/CD tools, processes,
particularly in automated testing and security aspects
  • Demonstrable experience with open source products and open standards
for basic network services such as dns, email, chat, etc…
  • Demonstrable development experience with shell or script languages such
as Python, bash, etc…
  • Demonstrable experience deploying and monitoring web applications in AWS
  • Demonstrable experience with IaaS; implementing scalable cloud-based environments and systems; service-oriented architectures and microservices; deploying resilient, scalable, high-throughput systems
  • Demonstrable experience with Infrastructure as Code and infrastructure testing strategies 
  • Demonstrable experience with fully automating CI/CD pipelines end-to-end, from code commits to production
  • Demonstrable experience with systems reliability, load balancing, monitoring, logging 
  • Demonstrable experience developing applications embracing Agile principles
  • A portfolio on GitHub and/or Open Source contributions
  • Fluent in English (written and Oral)
  • University degree in Computer Science or related discipline.
If interested, please apply by filling out the Application Form located below.