A.I. Cybersecurity Solutions

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be an augmentation to your IT human intelligence; it can help your team cope with the increasing volume and sophistication of modern digital attacks. Artificial intelligence can automate rote tasks that would consume your IT security team’s time and energy and can be used to bolster situational awareness and intra-enterprise security communication. In other words, could be implemented to handle the grunt work as your human teams investigate potential threats or working on expanding your Network and endpoint protection perimeter.
Artificial Intelligence Represents the real-time  detection 
  • A.I. The capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human thought processes.
  • ML: Using data to refine how computers make predictions or perform a task, learning to make decisions on their own and respond to new situations.
  • Deep Learning: An ML technique in which data is filtered through self-adjusting networks loosely inspired by neurons in the human brain.
  • Focuses on performance and accuracy
  • Learns the outcome independent
  • The more data you feed it the better the decisions are reinforced
  • A.I. Detects Zero-Day at Machine  Speed