Craig DeChantal

Craig DeChantal
i4 Client Executive

Craig DeChantal has held technology and business positions for more than 30 years. Starting in 1987 as
a programmer, he quickly became involved in project and program management, followed by people
management in large organizations. He spent a number of years as the bridge between technology and
business in those companies.
In the early 2000’s, he moved into consulting, returning to project and program management in
traditional development environments. By chance, Craig got the opportunity to be an “accidental Scrum
Master”, which started his agile journey, from which he has never looked back.
In the intervening years, he has held positions at companies ranging from startups to Fortune 5 in size.
Coaching has always been the focus for him, whether it is helping an individual make the changes
needed to advance their goals, or an organization that is making the transition to agility, and everyone
in between.
Craig’s foundational premise is that people are the engine that make transitions move forward, and his
professional commitment is to bring that understanding and process to colleagues and clients alike.