Aasim Shabazz

(Principal Consultant)

Corporate Experience:

SPC4 consultant Aasim Shabazz has 20 years experience of Change Management, Strategic Planning, Organizational Design and Human Resource Strategy. Aasim is a senior enterprise SAFe coach who enables organizations to achieve great success with their agile transformation due to his vast background in organizational change and design. Using the Implementing 1-2-3 strategy, Aasim will assess your organization’s readiness to launch its 1st ART, train your practitioners, and coach your team members into action to launch its 1st Release Train.

Scaled Agile Coach, SPC-4, SA,
Innovation and Design Thinking
Organizational Development
Transformational Change
Change Management
Human Resource Development
Executive Coaching
Group Facilitation
Strategic Planning
Action Planning
Consensus Building
Team Building


Aasim holds a Masters in Education from the University of Minnesota as well as a Scrum Developer Certification from SCRUMstudy.

Aasim Shabazz | Principal SaFe Consultant | The I4 Group